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Mindful Test Taking workshop w/ Grace Edmonds

  • GLC Lounge (Byers 417) 505 College Street New Haven, CT, 06511 United States (map)

Stressed about the upcoming tests or finals?

Curious about brain-training mindfulness exercises?

Want to learn some strategies on how to test better?

Come learn some practical tools to help you cultivate focus, manage stress and test better. (No registration required!)

Why mindfulness? Mindfulness is the ability to be fully present without getting carried away by thoughts or emotions. Often times before a test, we may get nervous or anxious that we may not perform as well as we hope. When we are stressed in this way, our body is on high alert and some of our brain functions can be turned down. Mindfulness helps us when were in this state to access important areas of the brain like the Pre-Frontal Cortex which is essential for making decisions and critical thinking (important test taking skills!). Researchers at the University of California Santa Barbara found that mindfulness training reduced mind-wandering, which helped to improve scores on the reading comprehension area of the GRE. They also found that those with training in mindfulness had reduced test anxiety leading to better performance on high-pressure math tests. Nowadays, Olympians, corporate executives and even navy seals employ these same techniques we will learn to become high-performers by building cognitive resilience.

In this workshop we will discuss what happens on a physiological level when stress of anxiety gets in the way of being able to focus. We will also discuss research on the “Flow state” and how mindfulness can help you access that state of peak-performance. Then we will learn some practical tools to reduce mind-wandering and manage test anxiety. Mindfulness may sound like a simple skill and it is, however it’s not always easy to bring the mind to the present moment. Come learn a few take-home skills to train your brain!

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