How to Mind Well in October

Mind Well

Mind Well

Welcome to the first month of our “journey” through each area of Yale Well. October will focus on“Mind Well” which encompasses mindfulness, mental and emotional well-being

  • What do we mean by “Mind Well”?

    • The mind can be our greatest ally or greatest enemy.  Minding your mind well means caring for present moment awareness and emotional health in the ways that feel best to you.  From mindfulness training classes to individual clinical support, Yale offers a plethora of resources to mind well.

  • Here’s how to get started:

  1. Fill out this survey to kick the journey off, and help us track the impact of and improve the overall experience for you over the next 8 months

  2. Figure out where you are going to keep your journal over the next 8 months (this could be a notebook, phone or computer)

  3. Pick one resolution or habit (or even two or three!) to focus on in the area of “Mind Well” (*Check out our shared Google spreadsheet for ideas each month, or add yours to the list)

  4. Create a habit tracker based on the frequency you’d like to track your resolution/habit and journal 

  5. Choose 1-4 questions you’d like to answer when habit tracking (*Which is also included in the first tab of our shared sheet)

  6. Begin your journey! And join us / follow along on our Slack channel and Instagram page