You’re Invited on a Journey…


The Good Life Center is excited to be partnering this year with a new upstart, Journitation, to bring Yale undergraduate, graduate and professional students its first-ever, year-long program called “Journey Journaling.”

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What is Journitation?

Journitation is a new concept which integrates journaling and meditation principles to empower individuals to reflect and express themselves, and cultivate more mindfulness in their daily lives.

What is journey journaling?

Journey journaling is exactly what it sounds like, journaling (writing down reflections) throughout the course of a specific journey (personal experience).

How will this specific program work?

Throughout the course of the 2019-2020 academic year, The Good Life Center in partnership with Journitation will lead students on a “journey” to reflect on the 8 areas of Yale Well. Each month we will pick one area of Yale Well, such as “Move Well” or “Love Well” and spend the month setting and tracking resolutions and habits in those areas. Each month will include communications with information to kickoff the monthly topic, a midpoint check-in, and a closing reflection before transitioning to the next topic. We’ll also be sending out surveys to get feedback on how the experience is going.

The program itself is designed for you to “choose your own adventure.” In other words, you can opt in and out of certain months, choose to journal at your own frequency, and choose to engage with the community virtually, IRL, or not at all. It is totally up to you. You’ll also have the flexibility to use any journal or notebook of your choosing.

Here’s a snapshot of our journey:

  • Oct: Mind Well - mindfulness, mental and emotional well-being

  • Nov: Eat Well - balanced nutrition and eating habits

  • Dec: Rest Well - healthy sleep and relaxation

  • Jan: Seek Well - spiritual and religious practices

  • Feb: Love Well - relationships with self, others, and community

  • Mar: Move Well - physical movement and cultivating energy

  • Apr: Save Well - financial planning and well-being

  • May: Work Well - time-management, career goals, and professional skills

PS: If you’re still not sure you want to participate, each month we will be offering fun raffle prizes as a token of our appreciation for your feedback about the experience along the way!

We’re excited to go on this journey with you!

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